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Thank you for your visit. I write fiction and poetry. You'll find some of my poetry and links to the poetry sites of others in the Poetry Index. I do a lot of research and reading on the web. I've placed many of the links I use in the Library.  In Featured Sites you will find the sites of some of my talented friends. I hope the library links will be of use to you and that you enjoy walking my world with me!

A Writer's Invitation

By M. Jo Taylor

Come walk with me
through the mists
into my special world
I'll show you wonders heaven kissed
and thoughts I have unfurled

Come walk with me
time will stand
I'll share my precious view
I'll guide you with a gentle hand
into a place that's new

Come walk with me
for I must
share mystic worlds I see
I'm giving you my tender trust
Come walk my world with me

© M. Jo Taylor


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